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Work From Home (or is it anywhere now) Is Here To Stay

Date Posted: 7 May, 2020
Work From Home (or is it anywhere now) Is Here To Stay

In these uncertain times, organisations are facing the real probability that large numbers of their workforce will need to work from home, care for family and unfortunately be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, educational establishments equally will be facing the prospect of their students and teaching communities being forced to remain home. Nursing and care services will be stretched to cope with increased demand & reduced availability of workers.

What are the benefits of the work from home model? 

1) Working from home is a viable option for many workers

Working from home is a viable option for many workers. We now have access to online communication and collaboration tools. Therefore, as a result these tools allow for connection and collabration between team members. Remote, off-shore or virtual services can offer a hands-off solution for many business functions. Above all, implementing these tools and educating workers on their use, can be achieved quickly and seamlessly.

2) The Working From Home Concept is Not New 

Secondly, the work from home, remote working, off-shore community model is not a new concept. This model has being adopted by many businesses for many years to add flexibility to their working environment. Over this time we have built a large network of professional workers who support this method of work.


Within the RGH family we have technical experts who are available to implement and deliver solutions. We have development consultants who can coach users and a wide range of freelance and temporary workers who can provide remote services or physically plug workforce gaps at a moment’s notice. Whether you have an ongoing requirement or an immediate short-term need, everything is scalable and we don’t charge per user, meaning you get to maximise the time from our consultants.