Profit for good – Sustainability and Social

One of RGH’s core pillars is to use some of its profit for good. We can’t change the world but we can do our bit and are strategically aligned with The Positive Transformation Intiative and The Eden Reforestation Projects

RGH are constantly seeking to make our activities Responsible, Inclusive and Sustainable, while being transparent and accountable, developing shared sustainable impact goals, and strategically aligning with The Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI).

Connecting Corporates & Communities (CCC) is the flag ship project for PTI in 2022 and this project is now leading locally a UK wide prototype for a global initiative, to create opportunities and Brighter Better Futures for all. RGH are committed to working with PTI in Connecting Corporates & Communities (CCC) and building brighter better futures through the creation of pathways into employment whilst providing fully funded access to learning.

Connecting Corporates with Communities (CCC) demonstrates the creation of access to a completely new diverse segment of available talent across the UK, removing many of the ineffective recruitment/training companies and other expensive agents of talent attraction, while giving Corporates access to a diverse untapped group of 20% of the UK population by engaging directly with Communities.

Included in this programme are fully funded skills development and training programmes, along with recognised qualifications delivered to the end user by advanced Ai technology, all of which can be applied across a Corporates entire organisation at all levels with either no cost or a heavily subsidised funding streams in hundreds of disciplines. This is for all staff in all businesses, significantly reducing costs of recruitment, learning and development.

In February 2022 we contributed to the planting 6,000 trees of a 50,000 tree forest being planted through and  Since 2005, Eden Reforestation Projects has worked to alleviate extreme poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America by paying people to produce and protect hundreds of millions of trees in deforested areas. With new operations in the Philippines, Brazil, and Ethiopia, expanding its reach to 11 countries, Eden is on track to add more than 350 million trees in 2021 and provide jobs to more than 20 thousand people. Below you can see the difference a contribution makes.