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What will the metaverse mean for recruitment?

Date Posted: 9 June, 2022
What will the metaverse mean for recruitment?


The metaverse is coming – or at least, that’s the word in tech circles. Facebook owner Meta is putting everything behind its vision for its integrated network of 3D virtual worlds, and other tech innovators are following suit.  


But what will the rise of the metaverse mean for recruitment? Let’s take a look at few of the key considerations that spring to mind:  


Access to a global talent pool  


The rise in remote working ushered in by the Covid-19 pandemic has flung open the doors to a far wider pool of candidates for recruiters. No longer so hampered by candidate shortages within a particular geographical location, they can source talent to work remotely from any corner of the world with an internet connection.  


The metaverse builds on this enormous opportunity, opening up almost unlimited access to a global talent pool.  


A boom in new metaverse-related roles 


The metaverse is already creating jobs, due to the monumental task of actually bringing the concept of the metaverse into real, working existence. Meta’s Global Affairs VP Nick Clegg and Central Products VP Javier Olivan recently announced that the company will be creating a massive 10,000 new highly skilled metaverse jobs in the EU. 


But recruitment experts believe there is much more to come. The metaverse has the potential to create new job titles and even whole new disciplines, which could mean golden opportunities for specialist recruiters.  


Bringing candidates and recruiters closer together 


The metaverse also offers the potential to transform the recruitment experience. Interactions between candidates and recruiters could become much more meaningful and instantaneous, helping to humanise the process.  


William Geldart from global recruitment partner BPS World explained to Recruitment Tech how this could work, and the countless benefits on offer: 


“Recruiters typically run cold outreach, network to get referrals or perhaps deal with inbound or job board applications. At the same time, candidates are applying for roles with companies they only really know at a surface level. Bringing recruiters and candidates closer together within the metaverse opens new avenues to engage. And ultimately this could prove mutually beneficial.” 


“Recruiters will get access to more candidates without performing mundane tasks or running countless automation sequences that are highly impersonal”, he says. “And candidates can enter safe spaces. Metaverse talent communities, if you will. And have far more one-on-one interaction while gaining access to greater sources of information before they choose to apply.” 


Exciting virtual networking opportunities 


In a fully connected virtual internet, employers and recruiters would have all kinds of creative and engaging ways to attract talent.  


They can run virtual open days, outreach activities and careers fairs, ideal for engaging students and developing that all-important talent pipeline. Companies can even test out skills with virtual coding events and competitions, saving a small fortune on the cost of holding such an event in the real world.  


There’s no end to the networking possibilities on offer, as we wait to see what shape the metaverse will take.  


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