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RGH launches its Entrepreneur Division

Date Posted: 4 June, 2020
RGH launches its Entrepreneur Division

In March 2020 Recruitment Group Holdings PLC “RGH” set into motion it’s first acquisitive initiative. Offering individual recruitment consultants and budding entrepreneurs a way to dramatically enhance the return on their productivity, for themselves and their families. Creating themselves significant future equitable value in our company.

So now RGH is seeing talent, employees, sole traders and small company owners not only earning more money but becoming equity partners in RGH.

The impact of the COVID19 pandemic has caused many people to re-think their future and to align their plans to achieve new life objectives, in terms of how they work, where they work and who they work for, what slice of the pie they earn and how they can realise the value they create for themselves. RGH delivers this new environment.

FREEDOM – don’t be confined and told what your boundaries are. With RGH you are free to address everything you want and collaborate with a global team of like-minded people – all with a common goal and part of the RGH Family. No more silos and restrictions. You do not need to compete anymore internally. Now you collaborate.

WEALTH CREATION – not just about a high monthly income. Now you can not only earn more, but also create value for your future, with significant wealth creation in equity.

In addition to our partnership programme, we have also introduced our associate programme which is for those who have other priorities in life at the moment but still have a wealth of contacts and connections and want to create some extra income and value part time. This can also lead to a move from being an associate to being a full partner in the future.

Contact via the website or linkin with Conrad Swailes or Justin Madgwick.