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5 tips for creating a successful job application

Date Posted: 24 December, 2018
5 tips for creating a successful job application

We aim to empower you and help you create a successful job application for your chosen career path.

On average, every job opening attracts 250 applicants; 4-6 of these will get an interview and only one will bag the final position. To ensure yours is a successful job application, read our top five tips and make positive changes to your job-seeking approach.

Statistics for successful job application

How to make a successful job application

1) Update your CV

Your CV or job application form is your first impression, so make it stand out by placing your skills and relevant experience near the top of the page.

The layout should be clean, easy-to-read and free of spelling mistakes. Also, make sure there are no gaps in your job history; 55% of recruiters prioritise job experience above everything else, so this is incredibly important.

2) Understand what the company does

A job application should demonstrate an understanding of the company’s position in the industry and the function of the role being advertised within it.

Visit the company’s website and social media pages to gain vital information for your cover letter and interviews; this will show your interest and enthusiasm for this application.

3) Write a cover letter tailored to the job description

45% of applicants will submit a résumé with no cover letter and 54% of recruiters will reject an application if it isn’t customised or tailored to the position. So, set yourself up to succeed by writing an engaging and relevant accompanying letter.

Break the job description down into key points and address them all; be positive about your abilities and demonstrate your willingness to learn.

Then, send your application to the hiring manager. Include their name if you can, on average 84% of applications don’t include this, so it’s an effective way to make your application stand out from the crowd!

4) Clean up your social media presence

Many job-seekers think that once their physical application has been sent, the process is over. However, there is still more you can do to build a successful job application.

Most employers will check your social media platforms before contacting you, and the majority say they have turned people down because they saw something negative online.

LinkedIn is the most important channel to update, as 77% of recruiters use it to review candidates. You should also ensure your other channels (namely Facebook and Twitter) are appropriate for employers to view or have their privacy settings turned on.

5) Make a good impression at your interview

A successful job application involves at least one interview, so prepare yourself for this by doing some more research into the company’s objectives and recent projects.

Use this knowledge to conduct a well-informed conversation about the position. Present yourself as approachable and comfortable, even if you’re a little nervous; this will help your interviewers see you as part of their team.

Dress appropriately for the interview; 60% of recruiters take candidates’ appearance into account in the decision-making process.

Stay top of their minds for the position by sending a thank-you note after the interview and following up to request feedback after a few days; most recruiters will view these actions in a very positive light.

These tips will help you create a successful job application and take the next step forward in your career. For more job-seeking advice, please contact our expert recruiters.