Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics.

Emerging from arguably the most challenging period in global trading history, RGH-Global’s Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics team are delighted to be offering even more enhanced and contemporary solutions to match the relevant challenges being faced universally.

Our clients strategic planning and recovery efforts are evident also, making the demand for our team’s expertise in strategic analysis and project tracking even more essential to help forward thinking companies move back into recovery mode.

Our team at RGH-Global truly understand the balance needed to maintain efficient and sustainable manufacturing models, which can withstand the stress tests created by commercial pressures, logistical challenges and transport and manufacturing cost constraints.

Demonstrating a depth and understanding of the very nature of manufacturing as a fundamental process, the RGH-Global team can offer assurance and early analysis forecasts for any manufacturing sector. Initial discussions will help create the  confidence to investigate bespoke solutions, which can be tailored as response appropriate to the particular needs of any given project;


Typical Areas for Discussion are; 


Restructuring and Conversions.
Team and Project Planning.
Project Management and Delivery.
Mentoring and Coaching Support.
Strategic Cost Analysis.
Contemporary Advice on Locations and Sectors.
Strategic Feasibility Analysis.
Key Personnel Placements.
Short Term Project Teams.