Welcome to RGH-Global Events & Hospitality Recruitment Solutions

With the Event and Hospitality industry emerging from a global episode which has effectively changed the very nature of public and work related travel, RGH-Global’s Events and Hospitality’s team are strategically positioned to support companies as they re-emerge to seek a redesigned profile capable of interfacing effectively with the significant challenges being faced universally in this entirely subjective sector.

Our clients recovery efforts to establish event timelines and operational coordination are now beginning to take shape. Key trends and technological initiatives are coming to the fore, making the demand for our team’s expertise in digital marketing and contactless payment modes even more essential to help forward thinking companies stage international and domestic events safely and efficiently.

Our team at RGH-Global truly understand the requirements and long term planning strategies needed to create successful event outcomes and enhanced customer experiences. Hospitality offerings and event staging are subject to dynamic commercial trends, marketing forecasts, intense social media scrutiny and ever increasing cost constraints.

Demonstrating a depth and practical understanding of the elements needed to stage bespoke events and festivals of national significance, the RGH-Global team can demonstrate a proven track record of delivery across all aspects of event management disciplines.

Discussion forums and presentation of past successes will help create the confidence in our team that we can deliver world class event results and initiate ‘response appropriate’ solutions to the particular needs of any given event;

Typical Areas for Discussion are;


Event Management Capabilities.
Client Introductions and Liaison.
Brand Introductions and Profiles.
Bar and Event Layout Proposals.
Equipment Management Solutions.
Contactless Solutions and Digital Marketing.
Cash Management Solutions.
On-site Banking and Asset Security Solutions.
Stock Procurement Advice.
Wholesale Solutions.
Environmental Impact Mitigation.
Key Personnel Placement and Manpower Planning.