Victoria Smilyanova

Position: Technology & Innovation Partner

Relocation Support

Throughout a significant part of my corporate experience I was dedicated to finding and relocating experts from all across the globe to the most preferable location set by the client. I was engaged in the end-to-end process: from market analysis, candidate support with relocation, administrative procedures to the successful incorporation of new employees to the company’s and country’s specifics. This is a two way process and my role has always involved being there for both the business and the talent. 

Technology & Innovation Partnership

The Technology and Innovation division in RGH focuses on businesses in Tech and those who use innovation to improve their products. As a Technology and Innovation partner, my aim is to stay up to date with the global technology trends. My speciality is to find the best fit to cover each clients‘ query. 

Bright talent development

To ensure the efficiency of sustainable technical market growth, one needs to focus on the younger generation of experts as they grow. Therefore, being able to find the means to select, engage and motivate the younger generation of experts is vital for Technology and Innovation. 

Victoria Smilyanova

Technology and Innovation Partner

Market Expertise

My main focus is within the European Market, most extensively in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey and North Macedonia alongside Western Europe including; the UK, Germany, Switzerland.  The Covid -19 pandemic has proven to the business that people can work from anywhere. Therefore my aim is to be the anchor across locations in order to find the best match for the global digital transformation.  


I have proven experience working with big cross-location teams. My speciality is office establishment, strategic growth and customer relations. I can offer my clients open communication throughout all stages of the process, setting realistic expectations and be straightforward and proactive. This approach also allows me to identify and tackle various tech queries and understand more complex roles in Tech, from Senior and Architect to Lead/ Managerial profiles.

CSR, Policy, Procedures Optimisation

A huge passion of mine involves optimisation of bureaucratic and inefficient internal processes and policies related to people wellbeing and acquisition. My goal is to make a change towards the most efficient process and policy creation. CSR has always been a big part of my life and it is now part of my job since its vital for organisations to align their corporate vision and objectives through means of giving back to society.